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Communications & Power Industries Receives a Multi-Year Order From SiriusXM for Repeater Hardware

PALO ALTO, CALIF. – April 11, 2023 – Communications & Power Industries (CPI) has been awarded a multi-year order from SiriusXM (Nasdaq: SIRI) to develop and provide high-power solid-state repeater hardware. CPI’s amplifiers will play a key role in extending the continuous network coverage of SiriusXM’s satellite content delivery systems.

Work on the multi-year contract will be performed by CPI’s Power Electronics division (previously called the Satcom & Medical Products Division), which is one of the largest global manufacturers of high-power communications amplifiers for satellite uplink and related applications. The communications amplifiers designed and manufactured by CPI’s Power Electronics division are used in fixed and mobile gateways/stations in support of commercial, airborne, government and military communications around the world.

“CPI’s solid-state amplifiers are ideally suited for SiriusXM. We have a reputation for providing reliable, flexible and advanced technology to the communications market, and we were able to build on this legacy to create customized technology that supports SiriusXM’s unique requirements,” said Andy Ivers, president and chief operating officer of CPI.

“Our ability to offer a complete solution that meets SiriusXM’s needs with the flexibility to offer performance in different power levels is emblematic of CPI’s technology prowess and our approach to partnering with our customers to ensure our products meet their specific programs’ demanding requirements,” added Mark Schmeichel, president of CPI’s Power Electronics division.

“SiriusXM is committed to providing reliable content delivery systems and continuous coverage of our audio entertainment and information services,” said Richard Merkle, vice president and general manager of terrestrial networks for SiriusXM. “CPI’s state-of-the-art repeater technology and best-in- class support will enable us to maintain and enhance our service offerings.”

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