Telemetry Antennas

CPI Antenna Systems is one of the world's leading suppliers of telemetry antenna systems. The CPI Malibu product line includes a series of planocentric driven pedestals (EL/AZ and X/Y configurations) that will handle reflectors up to seven meters in diameter. Antenna control units with analog and digital interfaces come in various display sizes. CPI ASD provides both conically scanning and electronic scanning (SCM) feeds that will cover the complete L&S frequency band, as well as the newly approved C-band.

Systems can be supplied as ground-based, transportable, mobile or shipboard (gyro stabilized). In addition, options such as acquisition-aid antennas, camera systems and single-mode or multi-mode fiber-optic interfaces can be fitted to your antenna system. CPI ASD also produces several non-autotracking antennas, such as omni-directional and manually steerable antennas.

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