Antenna Systems Integration & Refurbishment

In addition to integration and installing the antennas it provides, CPI Antenna Systems has refurbished, upgraded and repaired antennas for many years. In addition to CPI's own systems, CPI ASD has experience with antennas built by such vendors as EMP, Datron and Scientific Atlanta.

CPI ASD has the unique ability to completely rebuild highly sophisticated antennas to a "like new" status, saving substantial costs and lead time associated with purchasing new products, while maintaining familiarity for users of the current system.

Engineers survey the antenna system and then collaborate with customers to achieve the desired improvements. Some projects require new feeds or reflectors while others include replacing controls and drive subsystems. Typical refurbishment tasks include dismantlement and resurfacing the mechanical assemblies and installing new wiring and interfaces.

For information on antenna integration and installation, or on antenna refurbishment, please visit our Support Page.