Earth Station Antennas - ASC

Malibu Earth Station Antennas

CPIs ASC, Malibu and Orbital System products provides a broad range of GEO, LEO and MEO earth station antennas ranging from 1.5m to 13.5m systems. These antennas offer outstanding electrical performance and exceptional versatility to support single and multi-band configurations

CPI Orbital Systems has designed system bundles that match the requirements for customer applications from 1.5m to 7.3m antennas. Satellite tracking earth stations for telemetry, tracking and control, remote sensing solutions for science research and meteorological weather forecasting and monitoring, and speciality applications. The typical timeline from initial purchase to an operational system is four months. All the performance, with the convenience and cost savings of a completed integrated package specifically designed to do the job. Combining Orbital Systems most popular products, along with professional installation assistance to provide the highest quality integrated and pre-tested antenna system available at the lowest possible cost.  For additional Orbital Systems antenna product information visit Orbitals' web site at