Communications & Power Industries is a multinational manufacturer of high-performance, highly engineered antenna systems used for critical satellite communications, telemetry, tracking and control (TT&C), general telemetry, earth observation (EO), radar, electronic warfare, search and rescue, and other speciality applications.

CPI antennas represents the blended strengths of multiple satcom and antenna acquisitions; ASC Signal, with a 50-year heritage of engineering, creativity and excellence, Malibu Research, a recognized leader in antenna design, development and production since 1975, delivering advanced antenna systems for Land, Air, and Sea, with a full range of solutions and capabilities to meet any military requirement, and the consolidated partnerships of Orbital Systems and Quorum Communications that designs and manufactures antenna systems that meet the high performance, accuracy, and high reliability needs of demanding satellite tracking applications and mission-critical uplink and downlink applications.

Customers include international broadcasters and Fortune 500 companies, satellite and launch operators, telecommunications carriers, ground network service providers, earth observation research and meteorological data providers, and military and government organizations.