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In our continuing efforts to improve our quality system, we ask you to complete this customer survey form and click the submit button.

Your input will assist us significantly in further improving our product quality and responsiveness to your requirements.

Please select the appropriate number, with "5" indicating "Very Pleased" and "1" indicating "Very Displeased." If the question does not apply to your situation, please select "N/A."

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1. Overall quality of product ordered, product provided
2. Management and communication expertise
3. On-time delivery
4. Documentation expertise
5. Responsiveness to shipping schedules and changes
6. Handling of quality issues
7. Invoicing
8. Courtesy of our personnel
9. Responsiveness of our sales personnel to orders
10. Responsiveness of our personnel to complaints

We would appreciate any comments you would care to make elaborating on any of the survey items listed above or on any topic you may feel we have omitted.


We would also appreciate any suggestions you may care to give us concerning improvements in any area of our business with you. We value your comments in this important area very highly.

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