Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs)

The Product Bulletin Index below includes information sheets on current products. However, please note that this is a representative sample only, to show capability. Each integrated microwave assembly is uniquely designed for a particular application. Please contact CPI BMD directly for your specific requirements.

Capabilities Data Sheets

Attenuators - L-Band to Ka-Band
Solid State Switches - Solid State Switches are available from UHF to Ka-Band
Solid State Waveguide Limiters

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Product Data Sheets - Attenuators Switches and Limiter Assemblies
Model Number Description
Broadband, high-power SPDT switch
Passive, high-power, Ku-Band microstrip switch/limiter
Limiter Detector Module
High-power L-Band balanced hybrid duplexer
S-Band limiter amplifier
S-Band branched duplexer
Time Delay Units
Digital Attenuator
UHF Absorptive Limiter
L-Band Passive Limiter
Switch Limiter
SPDT - with Hot Switch Capability
High-power attenuator
All product data sheets are in PDF format. To read and print PDF files, download Adobe Acrobat Reader