Solid State Power Modules

Welcome to CPI CMP's solid state power amplifier module (SSPM) product page. Here you will find listings of performance by model number with sort capability to help you select appropriate SSPMs. If you do not see a SSPM specific to your needs, please contact CPI CMP product support.

SSPMs can be supplied in a number of physical arrangements, such as a single housing or as a "driver-booster" pair.

CPI CMP offers a broad range of Solid State microwave amplifiers, BUCs and assemblies (based on the SSPAM's building blocks)customized/designed to application-specific requirements. This can include design to footprint, cooling system design and weatherproofing for outdoor applications.

All the amplifier modules are internally gain-compensated for the effect of temperature. The products can also be supplied with a number of monitor and control options, and in some cases, carry a CE mark.