High-Frequency Antennas

CPI ASC Signal Division offers more than 50 years of experience providing the backbone of major HF communications systems. The company provides innovatively engineered, high-quality solutions that perform for decades to meet your HF needs from broadband dipoles, fixed and rotatable log-periodic antennas to multi-mode SPIRA-CONESĀ®.

CPI ASC Signal Division manufactures the complete range of Andrew/GRANGER HF Antennas. These include fixed, transportable and rotatable log-periodic antennas, conical monopoles, broadband dipoles, multi-mode SPIRA-CONEĀ® antennas.

Off-the-shelf catalog products for all your communications needs includes:
  • Short-range (ground-wave)
  • Medium to Long-range (sky-wave)
  • Area Broadcast
  • Point-to-point
  • Ground-to-air
  • Ship-to-shore