Antenna Systems - Electronic Warfare

Range Threat Systems

Supplying Range Threat Systems means offering a diverse set of products. CPI Malibu builds EW threat simulation
systems for training ranges around the world. Whether you need a broadband antenna or integrated equipment to
emulate enemy threats, CPI Malibu can integrate a complete system to your specification. Equipment options include
transmitters, camera systems, receiver systems, plume simulators and other useful features. Generally available
in the 2.0 – 20.0GHz bands, CPI Malibu also offers Ka band and W band options.

For existing sites, CPI Malibu Division offers refurbishment, retrofit and upgrade assistance to improve system performance. Field engineers will perform on-site installation, training and maintenance.

Electronic Warfare Antennas

CPI Malibu Division's advanced antenna designs are useful for electronic warfare jammers and elint receiver systems. CPI Malibu designs products that include conformal and high gain antennas custom fit to your system requirements. Small size, high gain, and difficult environmental conditions such as vibration, shock or altitude – these are all within CPI Malibu's technical capabilities.
Please contact your local CPI sales representative to discuss your plans.